Is Samira Ahmed Jassim A Disciple Of Sorat Or Iblis?

Real life evil parallels a main theme in Hearne's political thriller "Hulagu's Web," that much of the horror, destruction and mayhem of the contemporary world are explained by the endeavors of Sorat

by James Burns
Distribution Source: OfficialWire

Late January 2009 a woman name Samira Ahmed Jassim was arrested, accused of recruiting more than 80 women to become suicide bombers in Iraq. As author David Hearne wrote in his book, "Hulagu's Web-The Presidential Pursuit of Senator Katherine Laforge," 'Evil must exist as some entity that fills the atmosphere with venomous seduction. An energy that can possess a person just as love can seize our being. These suicide bombers were the new permutation of evil where man gives himself as a weapon to kill other humans.'

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