June 17, 1967 - Battle of Xom Bo II was launched on Veterans Day Nov 11th 2016

We had a very exciting official launch for the book, “June 17, 1967 – Battle of Xom Bo II.” Author David Hearne gave a presentation about the book, which included why he wrote it, the people he interviewed, and a synopsis of what the book was about. A couple videos were shown during the presentation illustrating the hardships the men endured during the battle. Those in attendance were treated to coffee, wine, desserts and all kinds of snacks. A cake was presented that replicated the design of the book’s cover.

Cupcakes with battalion insignia was also a special treat for those who were there. Felix Vallejo, one of the medics from Bravo 2/28th was in attendance and answered a few questions about how difficult being a medic was during battles like Xom Bo II. We hope to have a much bigger event for the book on June 17, 2017 which will mark the 50th year anniversary of the battle. Half a century ago – wow!