There are some great online resources that, as publicists, we visit often to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. Today, we’re sharing our inside secrets with you!

1) A website full of information on how to write, publish, and market your book and/or e-book, offers fresh ideas through the regular articles that they post from professionals of all corners of the book industry and beyond. The site also posts author interviews so you can read about what your writing peers are up to and exchange tips and tricks!

2) A FREE site that connects writers, authors, publishers, and publicists directly to book reviewers who are interested in their genre and book format. Once you sign up for the free Basic Review Sites membership, you simply plug in the parameters of your book (i.e. Advanced Review Copy, Published hard copy or E-Book? Genre? Fiction or Nonfiction?) and submit your query. then generates a list of book review outlets fit for you and your book. As always, make sure that you take your time to review each book review site so that you’re pitching to the right contact and following the proper submission guidelines.

3) The Book Publicity Blog (
Learn how to think like your publicist as you follow this informative blog and learn about what it takes to market and promote your book with ease. The founder categorizes lists of other blogs to connect to – from book blogs to literary agent blogs to publishing blogs, and more! Remember, the more you understand about the book industry, the more knowledge you’ll have when preparing to promote your own book.

4) This is a non-profit site dedicated to helping the reading community locate and join, and even start, a local book club. People attend book club meetings with whatever they’re reading and, from there, conversations ensue. Try locating some of your local book clubs and enter your own book into the mix. Exciting commentary about your own title will help spark other readers’ curiosity in you and your book. For starters, visit the site and ‘Search’ for book clubs in your local area. I found 23 in mine. How many did you find in yours?

We’ve stressed before how important it is to tie your book/expertise into relevant holidays and remembrance and awareness days. is a website with a promotional calendar that lists everything from World Alzheimer’s Day (September 21) to Positive Attitude Month (October). Like we always say, do your research! Knowing when your book is ‘timely’ is half the battle in choosing when to begin book promotion. Simply visit, select ‘Calendars & Planners’ on the left search bar, and, once the page loads, click on ‘Promotional calendars’ in the top box.

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