Charlestown Takes Center Stage in Tale of Contemporary Politics

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The quiet community of Charlestown N.H. becomes center stage for the book "Hulagu's Web - The Presidential Pursuit of Senator Katherine Laforge." On the morning of January 25, 2004 the campaign bus of Senator Laforge was discovered crashed into a snow bank along Route 12 in South Charlestown. Multiple bodies were found in and around the smoking hull of the bus but missing from the carnage was Senator Katherine Laforge.

Before January 25, 2004, if someone had asked where Charlestown, NH was, most wouldn't have know unless they had grown up in Sullivan County. But then this idyllic town, population 4729, became the unlikely site of the most brazen assassination attempt of a presidential candidate since Sirhan Sirhan's deadly attack of Robert F. Kennedy. The horrible events of that cold wintry day, inadvertently put Charlestown on the international map.

The early Sunday morning discovery of the crime scene by the Charlestown, NH Fire Chief stunned the nation which four years later is still trying to understand the why.

The book written by David Hearne details the tragic 2004 attack on her campaign bus near Charlestown NH and exposes many secrets that led up to the deadly attack. In this race for the highest office in the land, presidential candidate, Senator Katherine Laforge garners the enthusiastic support of millions of Americans because she dares to offer real solutions for the challenges facing society. She is also an easy candidate for voters to support, because she and her virtuous backers fight for democratic principles as originally drawn up by the American forefathers.

Laforge's campaign, however, is challenged and undermined by her political and corporate adversaries willing to use any means to stop her, even murder and assassination. Her opponents fear the draconian changes she proposes to free the US from foreign oil and fix our financial problem by replacing Income tax with a National Sales Tax. Her enemies feel their profits are in danger if she is elected and they scheme to defeat her and subvert the constitution in favor of their corporate agenda. Senator Laforge's determination in spite of these attacks will make you admire her and the courageous people who dare to fight along side of her.

It is a brilliant and slashing indictment of today's political scene that struggles with some of the most prevalent political problems of our time. Hulagu's Web is an ingenious and fast moving, spiced with assassination, conspiracy, action, mystery, deception, suspense, love, hate, politics, and even faith. It provides a fresh and original way to think about democracy, political process, and corporate greed. The uniqueness of the story is in part because it mixes realistic and interesting characters into confrontations involving many of the key political issues of our time.